3868 Honami, Bizen City, Okayama prefecture 705-0033
FAN Museum (Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall)
TEL: 0869-67-0638
FAX: 0869-92-4093



By Train

The closest station is JR Ako Line Nishi Katakami Station
Inbe Station and Bizen Katakami Station can be used as well.

JR Okayama Station -> JR Ako Line (bound for Banshu Ako) Nishi Katakami Station (42 minutes)
JR Aioi Station (Hyogo) -> JR Ako Line Banshu Ako; change to JR Ako Line (bound for Okayama) Nishi Katakami Station (1 hour 11 minutes)

By Pick up

Pick up and drop off services are available from Inbe Station. Please contact us for more details. Up to 4 people
can be picked up and dropped off at a time.

By Bizen City Bus

From Nishi Katakami Station South Exit, walk 200m for the bus stop.”Shimin-center Mae” or “Shiyakusho-Iriguchi”.
bound for “Sougo・Fukuuratouge”. Stop “Koua Mae”.
board about 30 minutes then walk 2 minutes.

By Taxi

15 minutes (4.9km) JR Ako Line Inbe Station
15 minutes (3.5km) JR Ako Line Bizen Katakami Station

By Car

Sando Expressway, approximately 15 minutes from Wake Interchange
Sando Expressway, approximately 25 minutes from Bizen Interchange

Parking Lot

Please inform us when booking for use of the parking lot. The
parking lot is available for free for all visitors to FAN Museum.
Please refer to the Area Guide to confirm the location of the
parking lot.
Available parking spots: 13
Hours of operation: 9:30am~5:30pm