Tour Guide

Tour guides accompanied by commentators are scheduled each day at every hour.

Recommended way to tour FAN Museum

  •  Join the commentator accompanied tour that goes from Traditional to Modern art
  •  Take a break at the café or tea room using wares crafted by National Living Treasures

 Commentator accompanied viewing course from Traditional to Modern art

  1.  Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall
  2.  East Building
  3.  Main Building: Exhibits on the Main Building 1st & 2nd Floor,
  4.  North Building
  5.  L Building
  6.  Kiln-equipped pottery workshop
  7.  Jikisai Pottery Studio
  8.  Art Circle
  9.  Strolling Sculpture Walkway
  10.  Kei Fujiwara Studio
  11.  Maeshima
  • アートヒル Art Hill
  • 駐車場 Parking Lot
  • 総合受付 Reception
  • 入り口 Entrance
  • 庭園 Garden

Museum staff and curators take the role of art concierge and provide detailed commentaries on art tours. An enjoyable experience is guaranteed on the tours which include background knowledge of artists and their pieces.

 Tour details

We will take you on a tour where you can experience something more than just simply viewing traditional to modern art. Visitors ranging from professional art buyers to elementary school children at a museum for the first time will receive detailed customized commentaries.

Contact: Please refer to the Contact Us page.

  • Tour Time: Approximately 1.5~3 hours
  • Fee: Included in the entrance fee
  • Meeting place: Please gather at the reception at the appointed time
  • Time period: All year round
  • Number of people: 1~10
  • Booking information: Please refer to the booking page for details.
  • Contact: Please refer to the Contact Us page.