From the museum

 Food & Drinks

No food or drinks is allowed in the museum except at the café restaurant. Please refrain from bringing any food or drinks.

Photographing exhibits

Unless otherwise marked, taking pictures is allowed. However, please
refrain from taking pictures in rooms that are marked with no
pictures sign.
The use of tripods, selfie sticks and flash photography is strictly
Photographs, copying and distribution for the profit is strictly prohibited.
Pictures taken can be uploaded on social media such as Twitter,
Facebook and Instagram for nonprofit purposes. However, please
refrain from posting images which contain other visitors.
Disturbing other visitors for the purpose of taking pictures is strictly
For more information, please speak to a curator.

ketching and painting at the museum

Sketching and painting is allowed at the museum as long as we receive notification in advance. Please do so in an area which will not block other visitors from viewing or cause a disturbance. Permission may be denied based on how crowded the museum is, therefore please make sure to notify us in advance.



The museum and its entire property is a no-smoking zone.
Please refrain from using cellphones in the museum, as well as outside in an area which might disturb other visitors.
Baby strollers may be used in the museum.
Please refrain from bringing pets. (Service dogs are allowed)
We reserve the right to refuse entry to anybody who may cause a disturbance to the other visitors.
Hazardous and dangerous materials are strictly prohibited.