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Entrance fee FAN Museum Entrance fee ¥1800 * Entire museum viewing, Exhibition commentaries and green tea is included Discounts An official ID is required to make use of the following discounts. Those with a disabled person’s passbook or health welfare notebook – ¥1000 Citizen’s discount – ¥1500 Elementary, Junior & High school students – ¥1000 Pre-school children & Infants (Accompanied by parents or guardians only) – Free Hours of operation OPEN 9:30 – 17:00(Entry allowed until 16:00) Days closed every Tuesday The close to another year 2017/12/29 – 2018/1/3 Parking Lot Parking Lot is free to use 13 available spaces

Tour Guide

Tour guides accompanied by commentators are scheduled each day at every hour. Recommended way to tour FAN Museum  Join the commentator accompanied tour that goes from Traditional to Modern art  Take a break at the café or tea room using wares crafted by National Living Treasures  Commentator accompanied viewing course from Traditional to Modern art  Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall  East Building  Main Building: Exhibits on the Main Building 1st & 2nd Floor,  North Building  L Building  Kiln-equipped pottery workshop  Jikisai Pottery Studio  Art Circle  Strolling Sculpture Walkway  Kei Fujiwara Studio  Maeshima アートヒル Art Hill 駐車場 Parking Lot 総合受付 Reception 入り口 Entrance 庭園 Garden Museum staff and curators take the role …


To book an appointment, please refer to the calendar below and fill in the form. Now booking system is available only Japanese.  

From the museum

 Food & Drinks No food or drinks is allowed in the museum except at the café restaurant. Please refrain from bringing any food or drinks. Photographing exhibits Unless otherwise marked, taking pictures is allowed. However, please refrain from taking pictures in rooms that are marked with no pictures sign. The use of tripods, selfie sticks and flash photography is strictly prohibited. Photographs, copying and distribution for the profit is strictly prohibited. Pictures taken can be uploaded on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for nonprofit purposes. However, please refrain from posting images which contain other visitors. Disturbing other visitors for the purpose of taking pictures is strictly prohibited. …

Frequently asked questions

Q1:Can we enter the museum without an appointment? Yes, you can. However, if you want to visit with a large group of people or have afternoon tea, we recommend that you book an appointment to allow for a smooth service.