Area Guide


  • ① Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall
  • ② East Building
  • ③ Main Building: Exhibits on the Main Building 1st & 2nd Floor,
  • ④ North Building
  • ⑤ L Building
  • ⑥ Kiln-equipped pottery workshop
  • ⑦ Jikisai Pottery Studio
  • ⑧ Art Circle
  • ⑨ Strolling Sculpture Walkway
  • ⑩ Kei Fujiwara Studio
  • ⑪ Maeshima
  • アートヒル Art Hill
  • 駐車場 Parking Lot
  • 総合受付 Reception
  • 入り口 Entrance
  • 庭園 Garden

Area Information

“Tradition”:Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall (1st Floor,Basement), East Building

“Modern Age”: Main Building 2nd Floor, North Building, L Building

“Contact”:Main Building 1st Floor (Reception, Tea room, Lounge, Café, Shop)

“Experience”:Kei Fujiwara Studio

“Stroll”:Garden, Kiln-equipped pottery workshop, Jikisai Pottery Studio, Art Circle, Art Hill

“Tradition” Area

Paintings and crafts by National Living Treasures and contemporary artists using traditional techniques

  • Memorial Hall 1st Floor:Craft work by National Living Treasures, Rosanjin Kitaooji, glass pieces, etc.
  • Memorial Hall basement:Bizen sword, Imari, Antique art such as Nabeshima, small modern art pieces
  • East Gallery:Large modern art pieces such as folding screens, sculptures
  • Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall Studio:National Living Treasure Kei Fujiwara, Footsteps of Yu Fujiwara

“Modern Age” Area

  • Main Building 2nd Floor:(Current pieces) Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Picasso, Taro Okamoto, Hiroshi Senju, Jun Kaneko, Goro Suzuki, Satoshi Yabuuchi, Akiko Endo, Tsuyoshi Higashijima, Kazu Fujiwara, Media Art, Art Brut, Installation art
  • North Gallery:Award winning Art Olympia pieces
  • L Gallery:Artka by Tadanori Yokoo, Ford Model T
  • Art Hill:Large symbolic modern art pieces

“Contact” Area

  • Main Building 1st Floor:Reception, Tea room, Lounge, Café, Shop
  • Art Hill: Large symbolic modern art pieces

“Experience” Area

  • Kei Fujiwara Studio: Pottery experience

“Stroll” Area

  • Kiln-equipped pottery workshop: Pottery experience, Workshop Tour
  • Garden: Outdoor Japanese Garden
  • Art Circle: Outdoor Exhibition space

Barrier-free Information

The museum makes use of National Living Treasure pottery studio, and as a result there is a steep slope on the road to the museum. As well, there are areas that are not paved within the museum property, and areas with only stairs. For more information concerning barriers, please contact us directly.