Approaching the opening of FAN Museum

This museum was opened, based on the Memorial Hall of the ceramic artist of Bizen ware, Kei Fujiwara, to be a space which houses a brand new world of collections of modern contemporary art pieces. This museum was opened, based on the Memorial Hall of the ceramic artist of Bizen ware, Kei Fujiwara, to be a space which houses a brand new world of collections of modern contemporary art pieces.

I would like to offer this museum as a place for splendid art that touches people’s hearts as they view and appreciate world-renowned high-quality pieces which are based on the culture and landscape of soil – the identity of the art culture of the Bizen region.

My desire is also for people to come in contact with the charm of wonderful Japanese arts and crafts, as well as for this museum to mark its spot in the world as a place where can be introduced to the works of young, modern artists and even contribute to their growth.

FAN Museum Director, Toyomi Hoshina


Toyomi Hoshina – A profile
Vice President, Tokyo University of the Arts

Graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts with a Doctorate Degree. 2002~2003 he visited America as a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology research worker, in order to inquire about the new possibility of the environmental art installation of the US and Europe.
He organized the first Setouchi Triennale “Story of the Island Art Project” in Shodoshima in Kagawa Prefecture in 2010. As an artist, his works were displayed at “Paris Biennale” at the Paris Citizen Museum of Art in 1982; the 2nd Echigo-Tsumari Triennale in 2003; the “International Media Art Biennale” in Beijing, China in 2008; the Ichihara Biennale “3D Landscape Painting Projec” in 2014; and many other exhibitions. He was an invited artist for the Ueno Royal Museum grand prize.

Making art more relatable and enjoyable

AN Museum strives to become a museum never seen before.

In the past, it was common in museums for the curators to be in the back while visitors viewed artwork hung on the wall with stern expressions on their faces. Artwork that was valued highly would only be seen by a few people in a limited space, while works of young artists will not even be given the chance to be seen. In order to do away with such practices and the stereotype of a museum in the past, FAN Museum is moving toward becoming a contact point for all art, with visitors experiencing and appreciating art in order to make future experiences with art something better.

At the exhibits for Bizen pottery, traditional clay work and National Living Treasures (artists recognized by the country as an Important Intangible Cultural Asset), you have the opportunity to experience and come in contact with true cultural assets that stand out. In the modern art and Art Olympia exhibits, you can experience their sharp sense.

With “the contact point and fusion of tradition and modern age” as the concept of the museum, you can experience visiting the old while getting to know the future. All of our curators have taken on the role of contact person as art concierge in order for you, our visitors to have a connection with the art work.

I urge you to look for art within nature once in a while. Turn your ears toward what an artwork is telling you. Would you like to have an immersion experience with art? We have prepared a “first ever experience and meeting” just for you.

Head Director/Chairman Nobuhiro Yamaguchi

Nobuhiro Yamaguchi – A profile
Business man, Adversity Consultant, Manager of Nation Living Treasure Business man, Adversity Consultant, Manager of Nation Living Treasure  Museum, Executive Committee Chairman of Art Olympia.

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1948. Starting with a construction Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1948. Starting with a construction  company established in the 1920s, expanded business mainly in the  construction and real estate industries. With his amazing imagination and  deep knowledge of art, he produced art related businesses one after  another, such as the “National Living Treasure Museum” where you can  drink green tea in bowls made by ceramic luminaries; the “Traveling Art  Gallery” where artwork is displayed free of charge in all parts of the  country; owned kindergartens, implementing a curriculum including art  education, devised by a professor at Tokyo University of Fine Arts. In  2015, as the founder and director of the International Open Art  Competition, “Art Olympia”, he appointed the current Minister of the  Cultural Affairs, Mr. Ryohei Miyata, as the chief judge. The first  competition, which was also in 2015, was extremely popular as it  included a total of 4186 art pieces from 52 countries.