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This museum was opened, based on the Memorial Hall of the ceramic artist of Bizen ware, Kei Fujiwara, to be a space which houses a brand new world of collections of modern contemporary art pieces.


FAN Museum is a new museum created as a collaborative operation of the Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall, the International Open Art Exhibition Art Olympia, which as Her Highness Queen Akiko as honorary president and the National Living Treasure Museum located in Yugawaramachi in Kanagawa Prefecture. With Toyomi Hoshina – an active artists as well as the Vice President of Tokyo University of the Arts – as Director, we strive to provide a service to help people understand the beauty of art. F: Kei Fujiwara Memorial HallF: Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall The National Living Treasure of Bizen pottery Kei Fujiwara, Yu Fujiwara and traditional Bizen A: Art OlympiaA: Art Olympia An …

FAN Museum Profile

[Information]   Name Kei Fujiwara Memorial Art Olympia National Living Treasure Museum (FAN Museum) Address 3868 Honami, Bizen City, Okayama prefecture (Kei Fujiwara  Memorial Hall) Days closed every Tuesday(temporary closing check the Bookings Calendar) Hours of operation 9:30 – 17:00(Entry allowed until 16:00) Entrance fee Entire museum viewing (Green tea, Exhibition commentaries included) ¥1800 Contact Tel:0869-67-0638

Area Guide

① Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall ② East Building ③ Main Building: Exhibits on the Main Building 1st & 2nd Floor, ④ North Building ⑤ L Building ⑥ Kiln-equipped pottery workshop ⑦ Jikisai Pottery Studio ⑧ Art Circle ⑨ Strolling Sculpture Walkway ⑩ Kei Fujiwara Studio ⑪ Maeshima アートヒル Art Hill 駐車場 Parking Lot 総合受付 Reception 入り口 Entrance 庭園 Garden Area Information ■“Tradition”:Kei Fujiwara Memorial Hall (1st Floor,Basement), East Building ■“Modern Age”: Main Building 2nd Floor, North Building, L Building ■“Contact”:Main Building 1st Floor (Reception, Tea room, Lounge, Café, Shop) ■“Experience”:Kei Fujiwara Studio ■“Stroll”:Garden, Kiln-equipped pottery workshop, Jikisai Pottery Studio, Art Circle, Art Hill “Tradition” Area Paintings and crafts by National …