Sending Bizen to the world, from FAN Museum

There is something I feel about Bizen pottery. I always remember looking at one of the antiques that my grandfather would show me, without even realizing that it was a Bizen craftware.

Bizen crafts have a sculpurual quality to them while having a certain depth and power to take over space. Perhaps I am looking to relate to something that shares a quality that I want to express in sculpture. Ceramics and sculpture are two different fields, however there are no boundaries in the craft – the main point is that there is nothing but pure beauty and nature. The value in art is its ability to touch the hearts of people and continue to resonate 100 years later. Here at FAN Museum, we believe we are to take on the role of a museum that finds depth in the value of art and provide abundant creativity. We look forward to becoming a museum that goes from the city to the world.

FAN Museum Director
Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Satoru Kitago