The production of Museum Café “Momo no Ki”

Taking the concept design of the museum café and shop from Mr. Hori, it was used as a basis to create a polished expression. A specific order was to have a pale pink gradation that brings to mind Okayama’s “peach”, which we produced using washi paper cast over a black and white painting.

We made a point to take the time and try over 50 types of washi paper and test out the resulting colors and tint. The pipes in front are transparent, so we chose the thinnest washi paper in order not to compromise their transparency. The gradation on the washi paper was applied using a sprayer and paint brush. However, we did not have a large enough space to use to paint the paper, so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for using the greenhouse where my brother is growing mandarin oranges, and accidentally dying his plants pink.
In order to complete the painting on the 10-meter washi paper we searched for a large enough space and settled on a remote road on a mountain range. We truly appreciate the opportunity to have painted in such a comfortable atmosphere, while listen to warblers sing.
We hope that FAN Museum and the museum café “Momo no Ki” will bring a smile to your face whenever you visit.

Nozomi Kokatsu
FAN Museum Director
Doctoral Candidate, National Taiwan University of Arts