The National Living Treasure Museum

My name is Hayakawa, Chief Curator of FAN Museum. I would like to introduce to you the National Living Treasure Museum, which is one of the 3 art projects collaborating with FAN Museum.

The National Living Treasure Museum is located in Yugawaramachi in Kanagawa Prefecture. Having received recognition from the country as an Important Intangible Cultural Property, this museum possesses over 1200 pieces of modern paintings and antique clay crafts, centered around the works of various National Living Treasures, ranging from ceramic crafts to dolls and lacquer work. Since opening our doors in January 2007 we have operated nonstop with no holidays all year round.
Our museum is located 20 minutes’ walk away from JR Tokaido Line Yugawara Station. After paying the entrance fee, you will be shown to the exhibition room on the 4th floor. There you will be shown a DVD with special commentary about our special exhibits, allowing you to view the artwork with background knowledge. There are exhibits on the 2nd to 4th floors, displaying 150~200 art pieces based on different themes.
A popular special exhibit is based on a theme of National Living Treasure dolls and tea ceremony tools. We have gone to great lengths to collect certain pieces, mostly by National Living Treasures like Goyo Hirata and Ryujo Hori, and we possess over 80 of their work. I believe we have the largest number of doll art work by National Living Treasures in Japan.
After the viewing, we offer the opportunity to have green tea out of wares created by National Living Treasures and famous artists. You will have the chance to choose a bowl made by an artist of your choice, out of 12, 13 bowls by artists such as Shoji Hamada, Toyo Kaneshige, and Kyusetsu Miwa. This green tea service has been very popular with visitors since we opened.
At the museum shop on the 1st floor, you can buy pieces carefully selected and sent from all over the country, as well as pieces by Nation Living Treasures. Here at the museum, we believe that art is something you take in your hands and touch and not just look at. We believe that unless you buy an artwork, you cannot truly understand it.
Many think that art is unnecessary in everyday life, but when you purchase an artwork and put it in your room, it will make an impact on your heart and lifestyle by changing the atmosphere of the room or become a source of vigor. All of us at the National Living Treasure museum – from the museum director to the curators – know this fact, and offer our services with this in mind.
The National Living Treasure Museum is a museum where you look at an artwork, use it, and buy it.

National Living Treasure Museum
Deputy Director & Curator Kyouhei Hayakawa